The cost is $300.


I'm not related to her.


Louie does have a point.

Every pupil was asked one question.

How foolish I was not to discover that simple lie!


She always works hard.


We didn't need him for that.

They're always there.

I find it difficult to talk to you about anything serious.

Because of his age, my grandfather doesn't hear well.

There is a bench in front of the train station.

Ricardo doesn't know what Marlena's shoe size is.

You made a mistake.

Do you really think that's true?

We'll be glad to see you at our wedding.

Germany made an alliance with Italy.

I knew I was making progress.

I went on a picnic last weekend.

I can't get an answer from him.

He is an unmanageable child.

I'll tell them what I think.


I loved only Tait.


Giovanni can't afford to be choosy.

I am quite ignorant of French.

Mr. Jackson is my favorite teacher.

He is under considerable stress.

She could not state her own opinion.

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He made me eat it.

His horse won by three lengths.

Walter didn't want to think about that problem anymore.


Jarvis is in his mid-thirties.


He interpreted for me.

We can't find anything wrong.

She gave me the most wonderful present.

Call Kerry and tell him to come here.

Math is my favorite subject.

What do you have to complain about?

One learns from one's mistakes.

Do you speak Hungarian?

I ate one and then I ate the other.


Can I get a little help here?

What's up, Mike?

Keep an eye on my suitcase while I'm buying a ticket.

Someone told me that every cigarette you smoke takes seven minutes away from your life.

I dislike going through customs at the airport because it takes so long.

I might vote for her.

I think it's worth it.

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Those and Serdar live in a very small apartment.

We are better off than we used to be.

Have a ball at the ball!

Charlie said that Sharada needed to be protected.

Teriann is a very careful driver.

I'm going running.

The manager sat on the bench with his arms folded.

As part of my application to art school, here is my portfolio.

What happened to the guitar I gave you?

We could have done it.

Go with who you want to go with.

Spass took Jerry out to dinner.

The soldiers abandoned their camp.

Why did you break into my place?

How can they do this?

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He traveled through the Tohoku district this summer.


The months slipped by and still there was no news of him.


I think it's time I moved to a smaller apartment.

Smoking compromises your health.

It is a counterintuitive fact that light objects fall to earth just as quickly as heavy ones.

It is sad that his ideas do not go with the time.

Elvis pushed Darren out of the boat.

He can not have gone to school.

Your patience irritates me.

It was all an accident.

Hubert hardly ever laughs.

I was just looking out the window.

Loren just waited.


He still wants to come.

Urs didn't follow Hiroyuki's advice.

You're wrong about this.

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Omar is a klutz.

Lars might not be done yet.

Don't smoke here, it's a hospital!

He raised his hand.

How is whiskey made?

One of the reasons is the difference between Japan and other countries in their attitudes toward education.

There was once a king who had three daughters. The two eldest were very proud and quarrelsome, but the youngest was as good as they were bad.

A lot of things happened and my schedule was messed up.

Forecasting is the way of saying what will happen and then explaining why it didn't.

He's talking on the telephone.

I am hers and she is mine.

He loves attention.

Barrio showed Rodney a picture.


The course will last fourteen days.

I think we have something in common.

A woman's wardrobe isn't complete without a little black dress.

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How am I doing?

Don't do that to me.

"Gang Wives" is a Yakuza movie released in 1986 by Toei Distribution Network.

I was wondering if there is any way you could deliver that today.

I need to get started now.

I told them I was hungry.

It's a possible story.


She's unaware of her beauty.


She asked us to leave her alone.

"Are we going to stay here?" "I don't see why not."

Why does water conduct electricity?


A green carpet will not go with this blue curtain.

You can use English at most hotels around the world.

The whole world understands my language.


The girl is doing homework.

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I'm ready to throw in the towel.

Can you tell me how to fill in this form?

I want that style.

I could hardly resist laughing.

Could I bum a cigarette and a light?

U.S. revisionists take a hard-line approach to Japanese relations.

The worst part is, it wasn't always like this.

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Bud has done more than we asked him to do.

I want to see what Ragnar found.

I don't think I can do this without Masanobu.

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Keith has maintained his innocence.

Galen is busy all day today.

Floria won three races in a row.


The professor seemed to be lost in thought.


Chinese and Italian are the most beautiful languages in the world.

Let's go someplace and talk.

Shouldn't we ask her first?


Godwin's law teaches us that any infinite discussion about an arbitrary subject converges to a Nazi comparison.

I have a high regard for the integrity of our mayor.

He laid stress on the importance of being punctual.

He's an alpha male idiot.

In case of an emergency, contact the police.

Barbra was the only one who trusted Damone.

We can make our destination by evening.

You must listen to it.

It was a great day.

A patent right is an important property.

Whose idea was that?

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Celeste didn't believe me when I told him what Ernie had done.


When were you in London?

I had no idea you were a surgeon.

The outcome of the election is doubtful.


I'm OK. I'm fine. Right as rain.


Chinese is the language with most native speakers in the world.


What's the occasion?

Pierce could be mistaken.

Tell Felix that he needs to wear a tie tomorrow.

Please note the change in the meeting agenda.

I thought you lived with him.

My father exercises every day for his health.

We're desperate to find a solution.

Is he afraid of death?

If you're so inclined, sure, get the fuck out of here.

I'm crossing my fingers.

Nor am I.

Sedovic asked Indra to tell him about the house she had lived in when she was a child.

Stacey still doesn't look too tired.

Nanda gave me everything I need.

An accomplishment cannot be looked upon as yours unless you paddled your own canoe.


When did Blake tell Tommy to fix the broken chair?

Lindsay rejects modern technology and lives like in the eighties.

I saw you with Suzanne.


She was wearing a men's shirt which did not fit her.


The cat seems extremely happy.